The rings from bella + me come in the most common sizes in Europe and the USA. These are sizes 52 and 54. 52 = Size 6 US and 54 = Size 7 US.

The best way to determine the ring size is to measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you well. To do this, put it on a piece of paper, trace the inner circle with a sharp pen and then measure the diameter with a ruler. Compare this with the table below.

Otherwise, you can also wrap a strip of paper or thread around the strongest part of your finger (usually the knuckle) and measure the circumference. Measure with a ruler and compare the result with the dimensions in the following table.

For your ring to fit well, it shouldn't be too loose or too tight. Fingers can change slightly depending on age, season and time of day. In the evening, fingers are usually a little wider (when they are warm) than in the morning (when they are cold). This can be the case especially in summer temperatures. If you are not sure which ring size is the right one when measuring, we recommend that you choose the larger one.

Length of a necklace

To illustrate this, we have attached a picture so that you can see what the different lengths of a necklace look like. Most of our necklaces are very flexible, as they usually come with a 5 cm extension and can therefore be worn both short and long.