The best type of gilding: Vermeil

Jewelry made from gold vermeil, a centuries-old jewelry metal, has become a growing trend in the jewelry world and continues to grow in popularity. With proper care, gold vermeil offers a perfect balance between quality and value, and will sparkle for a lifetime.

Why does bella + me use gold vermeil?

Vermeil is the perfect option for those who want their jewelry to look more like pure gold without the corresponding price; it is an inexpensive alternative that achieves the same look in something. For metal that is to be classified as vermeil, the base must be sterling silver and the gold used for the coating must be at least 10 carats. How many microns are in vermeil? The thickness of the gold coating must measure at least 2.5 microns. You can also find gold vermeil in Hamilton gold, rose gold, and more.

What's the difference now?

As already mentioned, gold vermeil must meet the three criteria of sterling silver, gold carat and thickness of the coating; otherwise it is considered gilding. The biggest difference between vermeil and gold-plated jewelry is in the metals on which they are based. The core of gold products can be based on various metals, while vermeil is always made with silver. Gold-plated products do not meet the specific requirements for the thickness of gold. Vermeil jewelry is more expensive than gold-plated jewelry and can be more or less durable depending on the gold used for gilding.

No Allergies

Certain metals, such as copper, chrome, and nickel, are typical metals that are known to cause allergic reactions in some people. This is usually not a problem with gold vermeil as it usually only contains gold and silver.

Taking Care of Vemeil

With the right care, gold vermeil can be kept in perfect condition for years. When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep it in a jewelry box to prevent oxidation. Never bring the jewelry into contact with chemicals such as washing-up liquid and make-up, do not clean it with coarse fabrics. Instead, gently wipe your jewelry with a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water.

Showers & Swimming

It is important that your gold vermeil is kept away from any heat to avoid damage. This includes water and sweat (hand washing, showering, and exercising). Your vermeil jewelry should be stored in a dark, cool, and dry place.